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Kaori Ekuni
Kaori Ekuni (1964-) began her writing career in 1987 with a work that won a children's literature prize. In 1991, Kira kira hikaru (Twinkle Twinkle) became a bestseller, and Ekuni began to turn her hand to adult fiction. Her essays and love stories, containing delicate portrayals of the suffering of young women, have gained the overwhelming support of female readers.
1992 Murasaki Shikibu Literary Prize, for Twinkle Twinkle
2002 Yamamoto Shugoro Prize, for Oyogu no ni anzen demo tekisetsu demo arimasen (Neither Safe nor Suitable for Swimming)
2004 Naoki Prize, for Gokyu suru junbi wa dekite ita (Ready to Cry at Any Moment)