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3th JLPP International Translation Competition
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3th JLPP International Translation Competition

Winners of the 3rd JLPP International Translation Competition

Winners of the 3rd JLPP International Translation Competition have now been chosen. The award ceremony and symposium will be held on March 1.
Click on the ’Japanese’ tab above for the links to the winning entries and the details of the events (Japanese only). Feb. 6, 2018

Dear Applicants for the 3rd JLPP Translation Competition,

Thank you very much for your interest in applying for the 3rd JLPP Translation Competition.
We are happy to inform you that the mailing address of the translation texts has been finally selected.
Please note that, since this mailing address has been set up to meet the requirements of the Personal Information Protection Law, it is to be used exclusively for the submission of translation texts.

As for the texts for application, please submit both two translated works: Ga (the Novel Category) and Ginza arupusu (the Critique and Essay Category).
Applications will be accepted from June 1 to July 31, 2017.
Other details of the submission of the texts are given below.

■Mailing address
JLPP Office
T&K bldg
3-40-7, Kitaya,
Souka-shi, Saitama 340-8501


The Aim
Starting 2015, the Japanese Literature Publishing Project (JLPP), sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, is organizing the JLPP International Translation Competition with a view to discovering and fostering skilled translators who can help introduce and spread modern Japanese literature throughout the world.
- Download the 3rd JLPP International Translation Competition Entry Form.

  1. Eligibility
    There are no nationality or age-related eligibility criteria. However, those who have published their translations in book form are not eligible, but translations published in magazines will be eligible.
  2. Method of Application
    Please follow the instructions given below:
    • Download the JLPP International Translation Competition application form from the JLPP website and fill in all the required items.
    • Send a softcopy (CD-ROM) and a hardcopy version of your translated texts by mail, together with the completed application form, to the address which will be announced on this website after April, 2017.
    • The hardcopy version of the translations must be printed out on A4 or letter-size paper, portrait orientation, written horizontally, at 32 lines per page, using 12 point Times New Roman font, with at least 1.5 cm left and right margins, and the "page number of total pages" specified on each page.
    • The name of the translator must not appear on the submitted translated texts.
    • Applications submitted via e-mail or other non-postal media shall not be accepted.
    • Applications failing to comply with the above requirements will not be accepted, except for some inevitable reasons, which will be addressed individually.
    • Submitted materials will not be returned.
  3. Application period
    June 1, 2017 to July 31, 2017 (the application must be postmarked by July 31).
  4. Texts for translation
    Translate each title in both categories of “Novel” and “Critique and Essay” below, and submit two translated works.
    • Novel
      Ga by Kaori Ekuni
    • Critique and Essay
      Ginza arupusu by Torahiko Terada
    - Download the texts for translation, or booklet can be posted to those who are interested.
    Novel /   [Ga]
    Critique and Essay /   [Ginza arupusu]
  5. Translation language
    English or French
  6. Prizes
    1st Prize
    One winner (English, French)
    2nd Prize
    Two winners (English, French)
    Award certificate will be conferred. Winners will be preferentially informed about JLPP events including a symposium and a translator-nurturing program.
  7. Judging Committee
    Kazuhisa Takahashi (Scholar of English Literature, Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo)
    Stephen Snyder (Translator, Japanologist, Professor, Middlebury College)
    Janine Beichman (Translator, Japanologist, Professor Emeritus, Daito Bunka University)
    Michael Emmerich (Translator, Japanologist, Senior Associate Professor, University of California, Los Angeles)
    Hisaki Matsuura (Scholar of French Literature, Poet, Novelist, Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo)
    Toshiyuki Horie (Scholar of French Literature, Novelist, Professor, Waseda University)
    Anne Bayard-Sakai (Translator, Japanologist, Professor, Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales)
    Corinne Quentin (Translator, Director, Bureau des Copyrights Francais)
  8. Announcement of the Winners
    End January, 2018
    • The results will be informed directly to the winners beforehand.
    • Profiles of the winners as well as remarks on their works will be posted.

Personal information received from applicants shall be strictly controlled, and shall not be used for any purpose other than this competition.
No questions shall be entertained regarding the judging process.

Inquiries - Inquiries may be directed to the JLPP Office
- Inquiries Form