Tatiana Redko
Tatiana Redko was born in Moscow in 1951 and graduated from the Institute of Asian and African Studies, Moscow University, in 1973. In 1978 she received PhD for her thesis on Ihara Saikaku, later published as a book The oeuvre of Ihara Saikaku as a New Phenomenon in Japanese Literature. Her career as a freelance translator started in 1982 with the publication of a collection of short stories by Ihara Saikaku. Subsequently she has been engaged in translating a variety of works by both pre-modern and modern Japanese authors and published a number of books including Sasameyuki by Jun'ichiro Tanizaki, stories by Asai Ryoi, Ryunosuke Akutagawa, Edogawa Rampo and many others. She is a member of the Writers Union of Moscow.