Tatiana Breslavets
Tatiana Breslavets graduated from the Far Eastern State University (Russia) with a degree in Japanese language and taught Japanese language and literature at the Far Eastern State University. From 1971 to 1974 she studied at the Moscow State University (Institute of Asian and African Studies), where she wrote the dissertation Matsuo Basho's Hokku. She received her degree for "candidate of philological sciences"(Japanese literature) at the Oriental Studies Institute, USSR Academy of Sciences, and was employed as associated professor at the Far Eastern State University. She is now a professor there and the author of more than 70 professional publications on Japanese traditional poetry (tanka, renga, haikai) and contemporary literature, including Matsuo Basho's Poetry, Letters of Plovers:, Fujiwara Teika's "Shojihyakushu" and "Eigataigai", and Modernist literature in Japan. She translated the contemporary novel: Ayako Sono's The blue of the sky.