Message from JLPP
The JLPP (Japanese Literature Publishing Project) was established in 2002 by the Agency for Cultural Affairs to promote awareness and assist in the publication of modern Japanese literature throughout the world.
In the first iteration of the project, works of Japanese literature published in the past 150 years were selected by a committee of professionals, translated into various languages, and published overseas. By 2015, the JLPP had published approximately 180 translations into a suite of languages (English, French, German, Russian, and Indonesian). These titles were introduced to a worldwide readership through foreign publishers, and were donated by the JLPP to libraries, universities, and other overseas institutions, making them available for research and education.
While the translation and publication program ended in 2016, the project has concentrated its effort on fostering the next generation of literary translators by organizing such events as the JLPP International Translation Competition, literary translation workshops, and symposiums and forums on Japanese literature and translation.
TOPPAN PRINTING Co. Ltd., under the guidance of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, has managed the project since April 2009, and established the JLPP Office to steer its efforts.
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