2018 JLPP Translation Workshop
The registrations are now closed as we reached the maximum capacity for the Forum.

2018 International Translation Forum on Contemporary Japanese Literature
(October 20th, 2018)

Through the Japanese Literature Publishing Project (JLPP), the Agency for Cultural Affairs fosters relationships between scholars, writers, translators, and editors engaged with the study, translation, and publication of Japanese literature, both inside and outside of Japan. The 2018 International Translation Forum on Contemporary Japanese Literature aims to explore the possibilities and peculiarities of translating Japanese literature through a discussion of such wide-ranging topics as popular novels, theater, film and manga.

2018 International Translation Forum on Contemporary Japanese Literature
Resonance Across Boundaries ? Translating Sound and Voice ?

Saturday, October 20th, 2018 12:00~16:30
Hilltop Hotel, Meeting Room Ginga (1-1 Surugadai Kanda, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo)
Sign up via the “Registration” form in the JLPP website or fax 03-3295-6065 by Monday, October 15th. Please include your full name, occupation, and e-mail address or phone number for contact information.
Session 1:
Panel Discussion: What aspects of contemporary Japanese literature interest British, American, and French editors?
British, American, and French editors will discuss their interests in Japanese literature; the Japanese literature they have published in the past; and what they wish to publish in the future.
Sam Bett (Translator)
Deborah Smith, Publisher/Editor, Tilted Axis Press (UK)
Yuka Igarashi, Editor in Chief, Soft Skull Press (US)
Susan Harris, Editorial Director, Words Without Borders (US)
Manuel Tricoteaux, Editor, Editons Actes Sud (France)
Dana Burlac, Editor, Editons Denoel (France)
(Consecutive translation between English and Japanese will be provided throughout Session 1.)
Session 2:
Keynote Speech by Kou Machida
Literature, Music and Images
Kou Machida (1962?) began his career as the lyricist and vocalist of the punk band INU. After the band dispersed, Machida continued to sing and act while gaining recognition as a poet and novelist. In 1997, he won the Noma Prize for New Writers and the Prix Bunkamura des Deux Magots for Kussun Daikoku. His other achievements include the Akutagawa Prize for Kiregire in 2000, the Tanizaki Prize for Kokuhaku in 2005, and the Noma Prize for Literature for Yadoya Meguri in 2008. His novel Punk Samurai Slash Down was made into a film in 2018.
Machida has seen much of his work translated and published overseas, including: Vom Versuch, einen (Kawa No Apara) and Glucksgott loszuwerden (Kussun Daikoku), 2016, Germany; Punk Samurai Slash Down (Panku Samurai, Kirarete Sourou), 2014, UK; Charivari (Kiregire), 2004, France; and Twee meisjes (Futari no shojo), 2014, The Netherlands
Kou Machida x Patrick Honnore
Translating the Beat of Words
Kou Machida will exchange ideas on translation with Patrick Honnore, a Japanese translator working into French and an admirer of Machida’s work, Confession in particular.
Session 3:
Translating Speech, Sound, and Image
Moderator: Ian MacDonald (Translator)
Mathieu Capel, Researcher, Maison franco-japonaise, UMIFRE19
Kyoko Hirano, Former Director of the Japan Society’s Film Center in New York, Lecturer at Keio University and the University of Tokyo
Sebastian Breu, Reseacher and Dramaturg
Alexander O. Smith, Translator of video games, novels, manga, and lyrics. Founder of Kajiya Productions
*Sessions 2 and 3 will be conducted in Japanese.
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