Message from JLPP
JLPP, started in 2002, is a project of the Agency for Cultural Affairs to promote the awareness and popularization of modern Japanese literature to the world. Under this program, works of Japanese literature published in the past 150 years are selected by a committee of professional members, translated into various languages, and published overseas. As of 2013, JLPP has selected 121 titles for translation(222 translations in total), of which 147 have been published and 17 will be published in the near future. These publications are offered to a worldwide readership through foreign publishers, and at the same time, are donated to libraries, universities, and other overseas institutions so as to be made available for research and education.
Under the commission of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, TOPPAN PRINTING Co. Ltd. has managed the operation of this project since April 2009, and established the JLPP Office to be responsible for all JLPP tasks.
3ème Concours de traduction du JLPP / 3rd JLPP International Translation Competition記念シンポジウム2018