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Motojiro Kajii
Motojiro Kajii (1901~1932) was born in Osaka. In his boyhood, he kept moving house because of his father's job. He enrolled in the 3rd High School (the predecessor of the Kyoto University), hoping to be an electronic engineer, but gradually showed interest in literature. In 1924, he started studying English language and literature at the Tokyo Imperial University. He then started the coterie magazine Aozora (Blue Skies) with his friends, and published his works including Remon (Lemon), Shiro no Aru Machi nite (In a Castle Town). Then, his lung tuberculosis, which he had been suffering since his childhood, grew worse and he was unable to continue his study. He had health resort treatment in Izu, where he formed a friendship with other authors, such as Yasunari Kawabata, Kazuro Hirotsu, and Sakutaro Hagiwara. However, despite the treatment, his condition got worse, and one year after publishing his first collection of stories Remon he died in Osaka.