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Natsuki Ikezawa
Natsuki Ikezawa (1945-) was born in Hokkaido. Formerly enrolled at Saitama University, he quit school to become a poet. He lived in Greece for three years from 1975. Presently he writes not only fiction but criticism and is an active public speaker as well. Of his works, Still Life and A Burden of Flowers are available in English, and The Downfall of Matias Guili, winner of the Tanizaki Jun'ichiro Prize in German.
1988 Akutagawa Prize, for Still Life
1993 Yomiuri Literary Prize, for Hahanaru shizen no oppai (The Bosom of Mother Nature)
1993 Tanizaki Jun'ichiro Prize, for The Downfall of Matias Guili
2000 Mainichi Publishing Culture Prize, for A Burden of Flowers