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Yasushi Inoue
Yasushi Inoue (1907-1991) was born in Hokkaido. After studying Philosophy at Kyoto University, he started working at the Mainichi newspapers. In 1950, he won the 22nd Akutagawa Prize for Togyu (The Bullfight). After he quit his job in 1951, he wrote numerous masterpieces. He received the Order of Culture in 1976.
1950 Akutagawa Prize, for Togyu (The Bullfight)
1958 Ministry of Education Award for the Arts, for Tempyo no Iraka (Roof Tile of Tempyo)
1960 Mainichi Art Prize, for Tonko (Tun-huang), Roran (Lou-Lan)
1989 Noma Literary Prize, for Koshi (Confucious)