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Yasutaka Tsutsui
Born in Osaka in 1934, Yasutaka Tsutsui is particularly well known for his science fiction. After graduating from Doshisha University, he founded NULL, a science fiction magazine. His short story O-tasuke (Help), which appeared in the first issue, won him the recognition and respect of Rampo Edogawa, "the father of Japanese mystery writing". In the 1970s Tsutsui began experimenting in a variety of styles, from slapstick and black humor to various kinds of metafiction. His works Rappa o Fuku Ototo and 48-oku no Moso have been translated into German, (entitled Mein Bruder, der Trompeter and Millandenwahn respectively), and What the Maid Saw and Standing Woman are available in English.
1981 Izumi Kyoka Prize, for Kyojin-tachi (Empty People)
1987 Tanizaki Jun'ichiro Prize, for Yumenokisaka bunkiten (Turning Point at Yumenokisaka)
1989 Kawabata Yasunari Literary Prize, for Yoppa tani eno kouka (Falling Down to the Yoppa Valley)
1992 Japan SF Grand Prize, for Asa no gasuparu (Gaspard in the Morning)
2000 Yomiuri Literary Prize, for Watashi no guranpa (My Grandpa)