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Seiko Tanabe
Born in Osaka, Seiko Tanabe (1928-) developed an early love of art and literature under the influence of her parents. After entering Shoin Women's College, she put out a private literary magazine and began to enjoy writing fiction. She further polished her writing skills by contributing to the coterie magazines Bungei shuto and Osaka bungaku. In 1964 her novel Senchimentaru jani (Sentimental Journey) won the Akutagawa Prize. She draws on her command of a rich Osaka dialect in her fiction.
1964 Akutagawa Prize, for Senchimentaru jani (Sentimental Journey)
1993 Yoshikawa Eiji Literary Prize, for Hinekure Issa (Perverse Issa)
1998 Izumi Kyoka Prize, and Yomiuri Literary Prize, for Dotombori no ame ni wakarete irai nari (Since Parting in the Rain at Dotombori)