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Hiroyuki Itsuki
Hiroyuki Itsuki (1932-) is a novelist, essayist, critique, songwriter, and composer from Fukuoka. After he dropped out of the Waseda University of Russian Language and Literature, he became active in the fields of literature and songwriting. He traveled to the former Soviet Union and northern Europe. In 1966 when he returned to Japan he released Saraba mosukuwa gurentai (Good-bye Moscow Foolish Guards), and with this novel he won the 6th Shosetsu Gendai Prize for New Writers. Next year he won the Naoki Prize with Aozameta uma wo miyo (Look at the Paled Horse).
1967 Naoki Prize, for Aozameta uma wo miyo (Look at the Paled Horse)
1976 Yoshikawa Eiji Prize for Literature, for Seishun no mon Chikuho-hen(Gate of the Youth part Chikuho)
2002 Kikuchi Kan Prize