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Masahiko Shimada
Masahiko Shimada was born in 1961. He graduated from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, majored in Russian language. He made his debut with Yasashii sayoku no tame no Kiyuukyoku (The Cassation for the Soft Left-wingers) that appeared in the magazine Kaien in 1983 when he was a college student, and this piece was nominated for Akutagawa Prize. After that, he started writing with a light sense about young people's lives in new, suburban residential areas, with which Shimada gained attention as a new generation author. During1991, he traveled around the world. One of his operatic librettos Suisei no Junin (Dwellers in the Comet), which came out in 2000, was made into the Werner Herzog film, "Jr. Butterfly", in 2004.
1984 Noma Literary Prize for New Writers, for Muyu okoku no tameno ongaku (Music for Sleepwalking Kingdom)
1992 Izumi Kyoka Prize, for Higan Sensei (The Other World Teacher)
2006 Ito Sei Prize for Literature, for Taihai Shimai(Decadent Sisters)
2008 Ministry of Education and Science Award, for Kaosu no Musume (Daughter of Chaos)