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Katsuhiko Takahashi
Katsuhiko Takahashi (1947-) became a researcher of ukiyo-e and a full-time lecturer at Allen Junior College after graduating from the School of Commerce,Waseda University. In 1983, he won the Edogawa Rampo Prize for Sharaku satsujin jiken, which marked his debut as a novelist. He has written works in wide range of genres, which include action romance novels such as Soumon dani (The Soumon Valley) and Ryu no hitsugi (Dragon Coffin), historical novels such as Homura tatsu (Blazing Flames) and Ka en (Flaming Rancour), horrors, mysteries, popular novels whose setting is in a period in the past such as Edo period.
1983 Edogawa Rampo Prize, for Sharaku satsujin jiken
1986 Yoshikawa Eiji Prize for New Writers, for Soumon dani (The Soumon Valley)
1992 Naoki Prize, for Akai kioku (The Scarlet Memories)
2000 Yoshikawa Eiji Prize for Literature Prize, for Ka en (Flaming Rancour)