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Soseki Natsume
Soseki Natsume (1867-1916) was a novelist, critique, and scholar of English literature from Tokyo. When he was a college student he met Shiki Masaoka and learned Haiku from him. After graduating from the University of Tokyo, where he majored in English Literature, he taught at middle-school in Matsuyama and high-school in Kumamoto. Then he was sent to study in England. There he suffered from neurasthenia brought on by his exposure to racism and his irritation at the slow progress of his studies. After coming back to Japan, while teaching at the University he released Wagahai wa neko dearu (I Am a Cat) in the magazine Hototogisu (Little Cuckoo). This novel gained widespread attention, and he continued on to Bocchan (Boy) and Rondonto (London Tower).Later he became an employee of the Asahi Newspaper and published Gubijinso (Corn Puppy), Sanshiro (Sanshiro) and more. Despite his suffering from neurasthenia and a stomach ulcer he released his first triptych: Sanshiro (Sanshiro); Sorekara (And Then); Mon (Gate), and then the triptych written in the latter period: Higan sugi made (Until after Higan); Kojin (Going Man); Kokoto (Heart). He died when he was writing Meian (Contrast) as a serialization in the Asahi newspaper, and it was left unfinished.