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Soseki Natsume
Soseki Natsume (1816~1916) was born in Tokyo. After studying English literature at the Tokyo Imperial University (present the University of Tokyo) and teaching English at the Tokyo Higher Normal School, he started teaching English at a junior high school in Matsuyama in 1895. In 1900, he went to England to do research on English literature, at the expense of the Ministry of Education of Japan. On his return, he became lecturer at the Tokyo Imperial University. He published novels one after another: Wagahai wa Neko de aru (I Am a Cat) in 1905, Botchan and Kusamakura (Grass Pillow) in 1906. Then he entered the Asahi Shimbun to become a full-time writer in the following year. In 1910, he published Sanshiro and Sorekara (And Then). While writing a succeeding novel Mon (The Gate), he developed gastric ulcer and left Tokyo for health resort therapy. Since 1914, despite the fact he continuously suffered from the ulcers, he published masterpieces including Kokoro and Michikusa (Grass on the Wayside). In 1916, while writing Meian (Light and Darkness), his ulcer worsened and lost his life.