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Shuntaro Tanikawa
Shuntaro Tanikawa (1931-) is a poet, translator, children's picture book author, and scriptwriter from Tokyo. He started writing poems when he was a high school student. His first collection of poems Nijuoku konen no kodoku (Loneliness for Two Billion Light-years) was published in 1952. Subsequently he has been active writing scripts, songs, critiques, and translations. In 1975, his Maza gusu no uta(Songs of Mother Goose) won the Japan Translation Cultural Award.
1975 Japan Translation Cultural Award, for Maza gusu no uta (Songs of Mother Goose)
1982 Yomiuri Literary Prize, for Hibi no chizu (A Daily Map)
1985 Modern Poetry Hanatsubaki Prize, for Yoshinashiuta (Yoshinashi Song)
1993 Hagiwara Sakutaro Prize, for Sekenshirazu (The Naif)