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Juko Nishimura
Juko Nishimura (1930-2007) is a novelist from Kagawa. After graduating from the imperial junior-high school, he experienced roughly twenty different jobs, including that of news reporter and taxi driver. In 1969 he debuted with the animal novel Inuwashi (Golden Eagle), which was given an honorable mention in the All Yomimono Prize for New Writers. With various novels, such as social mysteries, action novels, and panic stories, he became a popular novelist.
1974 Nominated for Japan Mystery Writers'Association Prize, for Anrakushi (Euthanasia)
1976 Nominated for Naoki Prize, for Hoko wa kieta (Roar Was Disappeared) and Horobi no fue (Flute of the Destruction)
1977 Nominated for Naoki Prize, for Mateki ga kikoeru (The Sound of the Magic Flute)