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Eto Mori
Eto Mori (1968-) is a novelist from Tokyo. She graduated from the Japan Education College of Juvenile Literature, and the Waseda University of Literature. In 1990, she debuted with Rizumu(Rhythm), which won the Kodansha Juvenile Literature Prize for New Writers. While writing novels for youth she also wrote animation scripts. In 2006, she published Kazeni maiagaru biniru shito (Plastic Sheet Soaring in the Wind), winning the Naoki Prize.
1990 Kodansha Juvenile Literature Prize for New Writers, for Rizumu (Rhythm)
1998 Noma Juvenile Literature Prize, for Tsuki no fune (Moon Ship)
1999 Sankei Juvenile Literature Cultural Prize, for Karafuru (Colorful)
2006 Naoki Prize, for Kazeni maiagaru biniru shito(Plastic Sheet Soaring in the Wind)