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Suspect on the Night Train
(Yogisha no yakoressha)
RUSSIAN / Alexander Mesheryakov published
Originally Published by:
Seidosha (2002)
  • A dreamy tale by a storyteller of rare talent
While remaining here, everyone is running off in different directions
Going from Hamburg to Paris, Moscow to Irkutsk, Patna to Bombay… the traveler stands on strangely deserted platforms to board night trains.
The scheduled time comes and goes, and there is still no sign of the train. The traveler falls off the train. Language problems make it almost impossible to even buy a ticket. At an international border, the traveler is unwittingly made to smuggle in parcels for complete strangers… while being rocked and swayed by a train, the traveler meets strange passengers, spends time with them in sealed compartments, and encounters all kinds of incidents. One bizarre situation leads to another.
Will the traveler, having traveled across continents and national borders, reach her destination?
This is a journey of horror and euphoria on thirteen trains, written by a story teller who has sustained her writing activities in two languages, German and Japanese.
GENRE: Literary fiction
AWARDS: 39th Tanizaki Prize
(Given for excellent novels and dramas that are representative of the contemporary era)
14th Ito Sei Literary Prize
(Given for excellent novels and criticism)