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Shin Hasegawa
Shin Hasegawa (1884~1963) was born in Yokohama. When he was eight years old, he experienced his grandfather's death, followed by the bankruptcy of his family business, which made him unable to receive an education. Then he became a live-in worker at a work contractor of Yokohama Docks. Around 1895, as his father moved to Yokohama, he started living with his father again. In those days, he was eager to read newspapers with furigana printed as well as books. This helped him to learn how to read. In 1903, he submitted his theater criticism to a newspaper, which he picked up on the street by chance, and was hired by the newspaper company as a handyman. While working at several newspapers, he published his novels in popular literature magazines using pen name. Around 1923, he started publishing his novels on Sunday Mainichi, which was the first general magazine in Japan, and he received praise from authors including Kan Kikuchi. He also published dramas, such as Kutsukake Tokijiro and Mabuta no Haha, and received good reviews. After quitting the newspaper company in 1935, he became a full-time writer and published novels and dramas. He presided a study group ‘Shinyokai,' which Sohachi Yamaoka, Shotaro Ikenami and other authors attended.