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Teru Miyamoto
Teru Miyamoto (1947~) was born in Kobe. He started writing while working for an advertising agency, where he started working after graduating from university. In 1977, he won the Dazai Osamu prize and the Akutagawa prize. In 1979, despite his health problem, he went on a Tohoku trip with his friend, and expectorated blood. He was then diagnosed with lung tuberculosis and spent two years in recuperation. After his recovery, he has been very active in writing. Many of his works were made into a movie: Doro no Kawa (Muddy River), Dotonbori-gawa (Dotonbori River), Yushun (Oracion), Maboroshi no Hikari (Phantom Lights), for example.
1977 Dazai Osamu prize, for Doro no Kawa (Muddy Water)
1977 Akutagawa Prize, for Hotarugawa (River of Fireflies)
1987 Yoshikawa Eiji Literary Prize, for Yushun (Oracion)
2010 Shiba Ryotaro Prize, for Gaikotsu Biru no Niwa (The Garden of Skeleton Building)