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Amy Yamada
Amy Yamada (1959~) was born in Tokyo. She dropped out university and made her debut as a manga artist. In 1985, she won the Bungei Prize for Bedtime Eyes and made a sensational debut as a novelist. This work was short-listed for the Akutagawa Prize. She received several literary prizes, including the Naoki Prize in 1987, Hirabayashi Taiko Literary Prize in 1989, and Women's Literary Prize in 1991.
985 Bungei Prize, for Bedtime Eyes
1987 Naoki Prize, for Soul Music Lovers Only
1989 Hirabayashi Taiko Literary Prize, for Fuso no Kyoshitsu (Classroom for the Abandoned Dead)
1991 Women's Literary Prize, for Trash
1996 Izumi Kyoka Literary Prize, for Animal Logic
2000 Yomiuri Literary Prize, for A2Z
2005 Tanizaki Jun'ichiro Prize, for Fumizekka (Wonderful Flavor)
2012 Noma Literary Prize, for Gentleman