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Choukitsu Kurumatani
Choukitsu Kurumatani (1945-) graduated from the German Literature Department of Keio University. He began writing fiction on the side while working at an advertising agency. His official debut as a writer came relatively late, with Shiotsubo no saji (Salt Spoon), in 1992. The main character's experiences of working as a cook and shoe caretaker, and leading a vagabond life, are based on his own life. Kurumatani has carved out a special niche as a writer of an autobiographical genre of Japanese fiction.
1993 Mishima Yukio Prize and Minister of Education Award for New Artists, for Shiotsubo no saji (Salt Spoon)
1998 Naoki Prize, for The Attempted Double Suicide at Akame Forty-eight Waterfalls
2001 Kawabata Yasunari Literary Prize, for Musashimaru (Musashimaru, the Rhinoceros Beetle)