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Hideo Levy
Hideo Levy (1950-) was born to a Jewish-American father and a Polish immigrant mother, in Berkeley, California. He embarked on a career as a scholar of Japanese literature, becoming an assistant professor at Princeton at the age of twenty-eight.
In 1981, he published an English translation of the first volume of Japan's most ancient poetry collection, Man'yoshu (Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves), for which he won the 1982 National Book Awards. Now based in Tokyo, he travels frequently to the US and China in connection with his writing.
1982 National Book Awards, for Man'yoshu
1992 Noma Literary Prize for New Writers, for A Room Where the Star-Spangled Banner Cannot Be Heard
2005 Osaragi Jiro Prize, for Chiji ni kudakete (Broken into Thousands of Pieces)