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Junnosuke Yoshiyuki
Junnosuke Yoshiyuki (1924~1994) was born in Okayama, as a son of the poet Eisuke Yoshiyuki. After dropping out the Tokyo Imperial University, where he studied English literature, he published his works in literary magazines, such as Ashi and Shin-Shicho. He was short-listed for the Akutagawa Prize in 1952 and 1953, and finally won the Prize in 1954, for Shu-u (Sudden Shower). He died of liver cancer in 1994.
1954 Akutagawa Prize, for Shu-u (Sudden Shower)
1955 Ministry of Education Award, for Hoshi to Tsuki wa Ten no Ana (The Stars and the Moon are Holes in the Sky)
1970 Tanizaki Junichiro Prize, for Anshitsu (The Dark Room)
1975 Yomiuri Literary Prize, for Kaban no Nakami (Personal Baggage)
1978 Noma Literary Prize, for Yugure made (Toward Dusk)