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Minae Mizumura
Minae Mizumura was born in Tokyo. She moved to New York State when she was 12, because of her father's job. After receiving her doctorate in French literature from Yale University, she taught Modern Japanese Literature at several universities, such as Princeton, Michigan, and Stanford. Her first novel, Zoku Meian (Light and Dark Continued), which she completed Soseki Natsume's unfinished classic novel Meian (Light and Dark) with Soseki's style, won the Ministry of Education Award for New Writers. She is now based in Tokyo.
1990 Ministry of Education Award for New Writers, for Zoku Meian (Light and Dark Continued)
1995 Noma Literary Award for New Writers, for Shishosetsu from left to right (I-Novel from left to right)
2002 Yomiuri Prize for Literature, for Honkaku Shosetsu (A True Novel)