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Jun Ishikawa
After graduating from the Tokyo School of Foreign Languages, Jun Ishikawa (1899-1987) was employed as a French teacher at Keio University. Later he translated André Gide's L'immoraliste. He made his full debut as a writer in 1935 with Kajin(Lady). Post-war, he published works such as Yakeato no Iesu (Jesus in the Ashes) and Shojo Kaitai (Virgin Pregnancy). Regarded as one of the Decadent School, he left behind a body of work based on his learning of Japanese, Chinese, and Western culture that was critical of modern society.
1936 Akutagawa Prize, for Fugen (Samantabhadra)
1980 Yomiuri Literary Prize, for Edo Bungaku Shoki (Essays on Edo Literature)