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Yuichi Shimpo
Yuichi Shimpo was born in 1961. After graduating from the Public High School of Kounodai in Chiba, he joined the staff of Shinei-Dogasha, hoping to make popular animations like"Doraemon". Later he released Rensa (Consecution), with which he won the Edogawa Rampo Prize in 1991 upon which he resigned from Shinei-Dogasha. In 2007, he wrote a script for the movie Doraemon Nobita no shinmakai daiboken: shichinin no mahotsukai (The Adventure of Doraemon and Nobita in the New Magical World: the Seven Wizards). In 2009, he wrote an original story for the movie, Amarufi (Amalfi). Whiteout was made into a movie in 2000.
1991 Edogawa Rampo prize, for Rensa (Consecution)
1996 Yoshikawa Eiji Literary Prize for New Writers, for Whiteout
1996 Yamamoto Shugoro Prize, and Japan Mystery Writers' Association Prize, for Dasshu (Seizure)
2006 Nitta Jiro Literary Prize, for Haiiro no kitakabe(Gray North Wall)