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Wahei Tatematsu
Wahei Tatematsu (1947-2010) received the Waseda Literary Prize for New Writers, for Jitensha (Bicycle) while he was still studying at the Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University. After graduating from university, he experienced various kinds of jobs. In 1973 he went back to his hometown, Utsunomiya City, and found a job at the city office, continuing his writing while working at the city office. He became a full time writer in 1979and won many literary prizes since then. He was active and traveled around Japan and many other parts of the world.
1980 Noma Literaly Prize for New Writers, for Enrai (Thunder in the Distance)
1997 Mainichi Publishing Culture Prize, for Doku—Fuubun: Tanaka Shozo (Poison-Rumor: Shozo Tanaka)
2007 Izumi Kyoka Prize, for Dogen Zenji (Dogen,Zen Master)