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Kyoko Hayashi
Kyoko Hayashi was born in 1930. In 1945, she was victimized by the atomic bomb which was dropped on the Mitsubishi armament factory at Ohashi in Nagasaki city, where she was working as a student worker. The place was near the ground zero, but she miraculously survived. In 1963, she was officially approved by the Japanese government as an atomic bomb victim. Based on this experience, she wrote Matsuri no ba (Place for the Festival) and won both the Gunzo Prize for New Writers, and the Akutagawa Prize in 1975. Since then she has been publishing stories as an atomic bomb survivor.
1975 Gunzo Prize for New Writers, and Akutagawa Prize, for Matsuri no ba (Place for the Festival)
1983 Women's Literary Prize, for Shanhai (Shanghai)
1984 Kawabata Yasunari Prize, for Sankai no Ie (House of Three Realms)
1990 Tanizaki Jun'ichiro Prize, for Yasuraka ni ima wa nemuri tamae(Rest in Peace)
2000 Noma Literary Prize, for Nagai jikan wo kaketa ningen no keiken (Human Experience over Time)