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Futaro Yamada
Futaro Yamada (1992 ~ 2001) was born in Hyogo. From his boyhood, he was good at drawing and writing. Despite the failure in the entrance exam for high school, his novel Ishi no Shita (Under the Stone) was selected to be published on a magazine for entrance exam takers. In 1946, Darume-toge no Jiken was selected to be printed on Hoseki. Then Ranpo Edogawa recognized his ability and this makes him enable to publish his works on various magazines. In 1949, he won Mystery Writers of Japan Award for Ganchu no Akuma (Devil in the Eyes) and Kyozo Inraku (Virtual Pleasures). In 1963, Collection of Ninja Scrolls became huge hit and this made his popularity stable. In 2001, he won the Japan Mystery Literature Prize, but on the same year, he died of Pneumonia, at the age of 79.
1949 Mystery Writers of Japan, for Ganchu no Akuma, Kyozo Inraku
1997 Kikuchi Kan Prize
2001 Japan Mystery Literature Prize