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Shun Medoruma
Shun Medoruma (1960-) is a novelist from Okinawa. He worked as a security guard, Juku teacher, and then taught Japanese in the high school. In 1997, in his novel Suiteki (Droplet), he described people with memories of the ground battles on Okinawa towards the end of WWII. The novel was awarded the Akutagawa Prize. He quit teaching and started concentrating on writing. His stories are based on Okinawa's nature, climate, and history. In 2004, he wrote a script from his own novel Fuuon-za kuraingu windo (Sound of Wind-the Crying Wind), which was made into a movie directed by Yoichi Higashi.
1997 Kyusyu Art Festival Literature Prize and Akutagawa Prize, for Suiteki (Dloplet)
2000 Kawabata Yasunari Literary Prize and Kiyama Shohei Literary Prize, for Mabuigumi (Pushing Back the Soul)