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Kenzo Kitakata
Kenzo Kitakata (1947~) was born in Saga. While studying law at Chuo University, he made his debut with Akarui Machi e (Toward the Bright City). With Chosho Harukanari (The Distant Tolling of Funeral Bells) that he published in 1981, he changed his style from pure literature to hard-boiled novel and attracted attention. Then he had a series of hit novels, including Nemurinaki Yoru (Sleepless Night), Saraba Koya (Goodbye, Wilderness), Ori (The Cage). In 1989, he published his first historical novel Buo no Mon (The House of the Warrior King). He published more historical novels, including Sangokushi (Three Kingdoms) and Suikoden (The Water Margin). He has been acting as a member of the selection committee for the Naoki Prize and Yoshika Eiji Literary Prize.
1982 Japan Adventure Fiction Association Prize, for Nemurinaki Yoru (Sleepless Night)
1983 Yoshikawa Eiji Literary Prize for New Writers, for Nemurinaki Yoru
1983 Japan Adventure Fiction Association Prize, for Ori (The Cage)
1985 Japan Mystery Writers' Association Prize, for Kawaki no Machi (City of Thirst)
1991 Shibata Renzaburo Prize, for Hagun no Hoshi (Alkaid)
2004 Yoshikawa Eiji Literary Prize, for Yokasho (Generals of the Yang Family)
2006 Shiba Ryotaro Prize, for Suikoden (The Water Margin)
2010 Japan Mystery Literature Prize