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Yuhi and Other Stories
Yuhi and Other Stories
Originally Published by:
Shueisha (1983)
  • Akutagawa Prize winning novel that depicts the painful life of a Korean woman in Japan.
  • Strikingly vivid works the author left in her tragically short life of 37 years.
I cannot love my home country…Yuhi is born and brought up in Japan as a Korean living in Japan. With the ideal image of her home country, she enters a prestigious university in Korea to seek her roots, but never feeling at home in Korea nor fitting in the life with the Koreans, she returns to Japan. Yuhi's nationality is Korean but she is an only "sort of" Japanese. This collection of short stories contains the Akutagawa Prize winning Yuhi which depicts the tragedy of a Korean woman living in Japan who is hurt in her home country and has no choice but to leave, Sad Butterfly that is her first work written during her stay in Seoul University as a student, and two other stories, Kazukime and Anigoze. The author was born as a Korean living in Japan, suffered from the discrimination and prejudice in her youth, torn between Japan and her home country Korea, and passed away suddenly at the age of 37 in 1992. The name piece is the record of a soul who sought for identity for her life.