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The 5th Selected Works
Asura Girl
Asura Girl
(Ashura Garu)
ENGLISH / Stephen B. Snyder
FRENCH / Jacques Lalloz
Originally Published by:
Shinchosha (2003)(hc)
  • A masterpiece entertainment novel that protrays a turbid and troubled world using the monologues of a 17-year-old girl entwined with Internet blogs.
  • The publication of this book in Japan exposed the talent of this new author, attracting much attention.
One day Aiko, a seventeen-year-old high school girl, without thinking much about it, went to a hotel for sex with her classmate, Sano, whom she did not particularly care for. Sano's sex was revolting as though he had learned it from adult videos only, and her self-esteem was badly wounded. Aiko was actually fond of Yoji Kaneko. She was suffering from "girlish unrequited love" as Yoji had been her elementary school classmate, and she still carried a torch for him after six years. The next day at school, still feeling despondent and humiliated, she was taken to the girl's room by six girls led by Maki, a pretty girl. When they were about to attack Aiko, she fought back and kneed Maki down. Their fight continued, but Yoji stepped in and rescued Aiko. She learned that Sano had been kidnapped the previous night after Aiko had left him, and that Sano's severed right toe and a ransom note demanding 10 million yen were delivered to his house. Aiko and Yoji were talking about Sano's incident in a park, where, right in front of their eyes, a couple in tears was having sex on the bench without any shame. The couple was Mr. and Mrs.Yoshiba whose triplets were slaughtered by a murderer calling him/herself "Guru-guru Majin"(Go-round-and-round Devil). In society, a series of heinous crimes by young people were taking place, and massacres and rioting among children called "Armageddon" were instigated by an enormous BBS on the Internet named "Ten-no Koe" (Voice from heaven). Expecting that Yoji would come to rescue her despite the rioters and thugs, Aiko posted an order to kill herself on "Ten-no-Koe." Will Yoji come to rescue her? What will happen to her love?
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